Monday, 4 May 2009

Training Focus From Now Till August

From now until august i will be focusing on getting out of this stupid little zone i'm in where i wont push myself at all and i'll be doing things out of my comfort zone.

For the past 3 years i've treated rail precisions as if landing on a rail was like landing on a sheet of ice, until saturday when i was doing rail precisions quite comfortably, which was a step in the right direction !

I'll be continuing to do more rail work and do some things i know i can do but i don't do.

I'll update with another post next week !


Friday, 1 May 2009

So, Swine Flu Zombies ?...

...Or is it ?


The latest in public fear-mongering.
According to this site - which is identical to the BBC news website - the Swine Flu Virus has mutated and restarts the infected victims heart after passing away, and due to a chemical released into the blood and severe brain damage causes them to go into an intense rage.

Very 28 Days Later like there.

An obvious hoax, but still quite a good one considering you have to either:
A) Have common sense and look at the URL
B) Look at the source code of the site which says:
A ha! So you know to look at the source code! Yes, this is a slight play off of the old Cambodian zombie story that was originally an april fools joke which can (not) be found at: (no longer works, you'll have to use

Just made a few changes to fit the current news, changed the date, and that's aboot it. This was originally intended as a simple joke among friends. Honestly, this swine flu virus has been blown way out of proportion, and I think we're all a victim of a world of high school students, looking for the latest gossip or car crash.

You can find a snopes article that verifies this is a false news story here:

Well, i knew someone would do it.

Thursday, 30 April 2009

A Hidden Gem

Well, we were out training the other day, and just before going home we stumbled on this little gem.

It's under a bridge going over a canal, and has a very thin place to put your feet and very thin bits to hold on to in order to travers across.

Dangerous, but very fun and challenging.

We just need to make sure we dont fall backwards, or else we're swimming with the 3 eyed fish and dead babies.

- Ian.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

April Training

Some recent training from early April.
Focusing on smaller things like control, balance and awareness in preperation for the summer.

Climb Ups

For the past few months i've been doing a much faster style of climb ups where instead of doing the dip and pushing up, i pull up with great force and my hands land directly on top of the wall.

See for yourself :

After seeing Blane's climb ups and wishing i could do them as fast, i set about it, in true Glasgow style.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Plans For 2009.

Well, 2009 being a new year and all, i thought i'd make it a good one, and one to remember.
I'm planning to do a lot this year, and i hope to physically become much stronger and fitter than i was last year.

Parkour Goals:

  • Do the cat leap at the back of Rottenrow.
  • Precision the red pillars at Rottenrow.
  • Make the wall run up the marble wall at Rottenrow.
  • Do the Edinbarnet roof jump.
  • Do the precisions at the church at Glasgow uni.
Tricking Goals:

  • Achieve Roundoff Backflips.
  • Achieve Bio Flips.
  • Come close to landing a corkscrew.
  • Sort out a few kicks.
  • Land aerials.
  • Land wall inverts.
  • Land trinity flips.
Overall Year Goals:

  • Build muscle and become more defined.
  • Improve cardio respiratory endurance.
  • Get Clyde Parkour more well established within West Dumbartonshire.
  • Have a more positive attitude towards life.
  • Take up chances when they are given.
  • Skydive.
  • Take up Bboying.
  • Get a better diet/Eat less processed meat.
I will add more as time goes on.


Recently, up until about November 2008, i had a real lack of motivation and inspiration.
Even watching my favourite YouTube videos wouldn't motivate me.

It got to the point where i was lucky if i trained for more than half an hour a week, i just couldn't find it in me.
Everyone in the scene here in Clydebank had completely slacked off, with the exception of one or two people, most people would 'train' for 10 minutes then go to the nearest McDonalds, and for me to be able to train during this period just did not work.

Coming out of a phase like this is a very hard thing to do, and allthough i am out of it now, and completely fine, i thought i'd post this for any of you who might be reading this that are experiencing this at the moment.

Key things to remember when your in this situation are that if you were to look into the future, maybe 3 months away, you would see yourself training fine, over this phase, think of that and push yourself to start, if you can vision yourself training a while away, and being good, achieving your goals and doing what you set out to do, you should have a lot less of a problem getting out and starting again.

Another thing to remember is how this phase will affect your overall training, i personally ate a lot, lost a lot of strength and an unbelievable amount of cardio respiratory fitness, all in the space of maybe 2 months.
Don't let this happen to you.
Constantly tell yourself how far you've came with your training so far, and employ scare tactics on yourself, constantly remind yourself on how much your overall training will be affected by this, and push to train.

YouTube videos - there's so many inspirational videos out there now, and it doesn't have to be Parkour/Freerunning, it can be anything that inspires you.
Here's a personal list of videos that have helped me through rough times;
I hope this post has helped you if you are going through this phase,
Never let anything hold you back from your passion and do what makes you happy,